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Transformational women in history – Esther Wheelwright and gender

Excellent historic biography

A French proverb about women and success: “Qui sait ce que peuvent être les femmes lorsqu’elles sont enfin libres de devenir elles-mêmes? (“Who knows what women can be like when they are finally free to become themselves?) As America celebrates women in history, academics and politics, we can appreciate a revisit to the extraordinary life […]

History questions about les habitants during the American Revolution


Research by Paul Lessard, in Belgrade, Maine, about one of his colonial Revolutionary War ancestors, raised two history question. Check the video link in this blog. During the Revolution, why did the Continental Army’s attack on Quebec fail when “les habitants”, or the French farmers in Canada (Quebec), could have provided reinforcements to the army […]

Franco-American genealogy super ancestors

genealogy marriage certificate

Franco-Americans are generally familiar with their genealogy because family reunions are celebrated during multiple generations, so it’s fairly easy to keep track of the current data.  For example, our L’Heureux family genealogy is well known going back four generations. Moreover, many of the ancestors’ names have been hand written on small pieces of paper or […]

Meet the Franco-American authors program series at USM LAC

Franco-American Collection board and program chair Denis Ledoux

LEWISTON, Me-  Franco-American authors are coming to the University of Southern Maine Lewiston Auburn College, scheduled in a series of programs beginning on Monday, September 23, 2019, and four additional dates, on November 25, 2019, February 24, March 23 and April 27, 2020. “Meet A Franco-American Author“, was organized by Denis Ledoux, a writer who […]

Franco Trail map and cultural tourism

program launced at the Gendron Franco Center in Lewiston

“…we say it is time to shout out our pride to all who are here to listen and learn about our history…,”  Rachel Desgrosseilliers. LEWISTON, ME– One of the challenges I’ve encountered about Franco-Americans has been about how to build awareness for the 400 years of history, and culture shared by 25 percent (or more) […]

Pate Chinois and the Franco-American cuisine

Pate Chinois in Julie's kitchen

(Accents used in a blog’s title line, like in Pâté Chinois, causes garbled print images, but, I tried to include most of the correct accents in this narrative.) AUGUSTA, Me– Some thoughtful guests who attended the Franco-American forum at the University of Maine Augusta on February 11, were kind enough to bring a dish of […]

Museum of French Emigration to Canada- Museales de Tourouvre

Emigration poster

A Franco-American queried me after she visited the Museales de Tourouvre, in France. Sandra Lamontagne wrote “I live in California but started in Salem, New Hampshire”. She was doing genealogy research in Quebec when she contacted me, by email. In particular, while she was doing the genealogy research into her family’s ancestry, she found the […]