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Celebrating Franco-American and French American history

Normandy Beach France

Although the hyphenated label “Franco-American” identifies a special ethnic minority, the name is more than what’s applied to describe a group with French heritage.  Indeed, modern American history has experienced parallel events in symmetry with French history.  A Franco-American legacy of intersecting events has been reinforced during the past 400 years during astounding and monumental […]

Entertaining fiction for Franco-Americans and anyone who enjoys mysteries

Louise Penny mysteries

Reading is a terrific way to escape the risk of experiencing self sheltering claustrophobia. Obviously, the opportunity to engage in more reading has been one of the rare benefits we are given during self sheltering, to help prevent the spread of the highly contagious Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Nearly all our summer 2020, activities we are accustomed […]

Heroic Cajuns! La marine Cajun

Cajun Country book jacket

Several hundred years of colonial era French and Franco-Americans are living among the affected populations, located along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Texas. Our hearts go out to these flood devastated people. Of course, our hearts and sympathies extend to all those who are suffering as a result of the Hurricane Harvey’s horrific damage […]