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An entertaining novel about the first Acadians: “The Acadian: Olivier”

Phil Daigle's historic novel The Acadian: Olivier

Acadian history is not typically taught in many curricula. Their special history is a parallel immigration experience that coincides with 17th century French-Canadian settlements in North America. In fact, the Acadians are typically misidentified as being tied to those who took part in the 18th century settlement of colonial Louisiana. But, the actual southern migration […]

Les Chanteurs Acadiens – encore!

Les Chanteurs Acadiens

Franco-Americans who grew up, particularly in the 1940s or 1950s, fondly remember the family soirées . Les Chanteurs Acadiens are a trio of performers who are helping to keep this tradition going in the St. John Valley, in Maine and New Brunswick. They just released a new CD, where we can hear them perform their […]