Picture tour of St. Patrick Church in Newcastle

St. Patrick Church Newcastle and cemetery

Maine is one of the most beautiful places for pandemic sheltering during the brilliant fall foliage season. We can take advantage of “staycation” visits to beautiful and close to home Franco-American historic sites, especially while the warm daily temperatures are cooperative. A day trip destination I recommend for leaf peepers who enjoy fall beauty with […]

Canadian history and culture: writings by Thomas Costain

Canadian history and culture published in 1958

A Canadian anthology was published in 1958, titled Cavalcade of the North, edited by George L. Nelson, and includes a series of interesting short historical essays about New France, written by Thomas B. Costain. The essays were published in a chapter titled Vignettes of French Canada. I purchased this book (without a dust cover) for […]

Populating colonial French Canada – History of the Carignan Regiment

newsletter published by La Societe des filles du roi et soldats du Carignan, Inc.

A link to a source document, “The Good Regiment” by Jack Verney, published by McGill-Queens University Press 1991, is provided in this blog (below) because the author of the Carignan Regiment history referenced this book in his research. With appreciation to Mr. William F. Kane, who gave permission to reprint parts of the article he […]

Transformational women in history – Esther Wheelwright and gender

Excellent historic biography

A French proverb about women and success: “Qui sait ce que peuvent être les femmes lorsqu’elles sont enfin libres de devenir elles-mêmes? (“Who knows what women can be like when they are finally free to become themselves?) As America celebrates women in history, academics and politics, we can appreciate a revisit to the extraordinary life […]

Descendants of “Les Filles du Roi”: Hold your head up high

French-Canadian women

Les Filles du Roi (daughters of the king) and their histories continue to generate interest. This is because thousands of Franco-Americans can trace their first generation genealogy roots in Canada to one of the ladies who proudly carried this distinction from France to New France. In fact, I have enjoyed the privilege of interviewing a […]

Wells Maine Esther Wheelwright biography: French and Indian War History

Colleagues at the University of Southern Maine Franco-American Collection requested for me to make available some of the columns I wrote in the past, before the printed articles were digitized. As a result, I found a short report I wrote about the life of the French and Indian War captive and Wells Maine native, Esther […]

Franco-Americans and pride in “Frenchness”

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a massive statue, designed by the sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. She is a gift from France to the United States; she was named Liberté éclairant le monde: Liberty Enlightening the World. This blog is a continuation to the previous post about how Franco-American history is more than a hyphenated ethnic label. New […]